Helping driven and ambitious women

Show up confident in their body AND their business by

Breaking free

from unhealthy habits and limiting beliefs

You are ready for more

You are a driven and ambitious woman.

From leading coaching calls all day, to jumping on team meetings, you are on the go during the day taking care of your business and work.

However, once you finish work, it is another story, and you are ready to change it.

Because those evening and weekend over-indulgences are having a negative impact your energy, focus and your confidence.

This is why you are ready to put your wellness as a priority so that you can FUEL your body and brain for your business, but also to help you feel empowered and confident to show up as the leader you are on video, on your client calls, and even on stages.

Here is the proven strategy

Peak-Performance Wellness

Uncover your optimal health plan for your unique body so that you can boost energy, gain focus & performance, all while feeling better in your body and showing up more confidently in your business. 

Resilient Mindset

Break-free from your sabotaging patterns & unhealthy eating habits by building a bullet-proof mindset so that you stay on your health track & focus your energy on your business success.

Unwavering Confidence

Create a positive body image, embrace your uniqueness, and cultivate unwavering belief in yourself so that you will show up empowered and confident in your business, attract clients and opportunities, and create more income & impact through your work.

Hi there! I’m Dina Merhbi

Close to 10 years ago, I decided to leave my corporate job & start my own coaching business. 

I left because I was working 12+hr days, never having the time to work out or meal prep. I was exhausted, burned out, and found myself emotionally turning to food to reward myself for my good work, but also to nurture myself when things were hard. 

I wanted to be my own boss and create my own schedule for my health..but…the opposite happened.

I found myself in the same exhausting lifestyle as the corporate life, but now I had the stress of creating a successful business.

I realized I had to change, so I did what I do best: I coached myself & followed what is now known as the C.R.E.A.T.E. method.

I stopped the evening over-indulgences, created a resilient mindset so as to handle life’s curve balls without resorting to food, and all this helped me create unwavering confidence in myself. 

I did lose the weight, AND I gained so much energy & focus that I was able to show up more empowered for my business. 

Click the button below to know more about my story and how I help other driven & ambitious women entrepreneurs create the same results.

My education & expertise

Bachelors in Dietetics and Human Nutrition

McGill University

NLP practitioner (neuro-linguistic programming)


Minor in Psychology and Human Behavior

McGill University

500-hr certified yoga & mindfulness teacher

Yoga Sangha

Certificate in Mental Health

University of Montreal

Ayurveda counselor


Client Success Stories

Your Health Check-In Call

You deserve high-level support and to better understand what you are not able to see in your blind spot.

If you are ready to get clarity regarding your success-sabotaging habits, I invite you to book a FREE 15-min. Health Check Call with me.

On this call, we will shed light on what habits & patterns are keeping you struggling your physical and emotional confidence, and I will give you a CLEAR start-up strategy that you can implememt right away to help you feel confident in your body, create a resilient mindset AND build unwavering confidence.  

This call is NOT a sales call. It purpose is to provide you with value in order to better understand and implement the best action strategy for you today. 

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