Are you stuck in a yoyo-dieting cycle of restriction, losing weight, binging and gaining weight?

Does the number on the scale dictate your mood for the rest of the day?

Do you keep telling yourself ‘I’ll start Monday to diet’ and then find yourself binging in the evening?

Do you avoid or feel uncomfortable in social events because you are scared of being around food or eating in public?

Do you overeat or binge on foods when you feel you had a slip up or when you feel alone, angry or sad?

Do you label foods as good or bad, and think about food all day long?

Do you feel that you are addicted to certain foods and that there is no way out?

Do you feel that you will be happy once you lose weight?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then you are at the RIGHT place.

Imagine a SOLUTION that helps you:

  • Balance your body nutritionally to stop the cravings, optimize your health and increase your energy
  • Restore your metabolism so that your body can find its optimal weight
  • Deconstruct the dieting mind and build a healthy foundation for life without dieting or restriction
  • Be aware of the triggers that cause binge eating and build new routines and ways of thinking to find more supportive outlets besides food
  • Discover new ways of working through your emotions so you don’t have to reach for food for comfort
  • Fill your life with so much energy, fun, purpose and pleasure that your focus naturally switches from food to the things in your life that truly matter and make you happy.
  • Live a life fuelled by freedom instead of weight and food obsession.
  • Enjoy social events without thinking about food
  • Change for life and not for a few weeks

Let me help you succeed!

I’m Dina, leading health expert, dietitian and coach, helping woman and men break free from their binge eating life so that they can finally lead a life without restriction, dieting, or guilt around food.

I am also the leading health expert on many media platforms. You can view my appearances here.

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I’ve also helped thousands of people over the last 16 years to reconnect to their true self, reconnect to their hunger and fullness signals, and finally break-free from emotional eating, food addiction and binge eating.

My step-by-step program will transform your relationship with food and your body so that the changes you accomplish are for the long term.

Let’s work together so that in the next few months, you are not still in the same situation as you are today and thinking ‘I should have…’. Apply for a FREE complementary call right here ::: CLICK HERE :::

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‘Dina saved my life. I was drowning in my eating disorder, and she helped me see the light where I could only see darkness. Thank you.’


‘Dina, I would like to thank you once again for your excellent work and professionalism. By following the plan you provided me with, I was able to build healthy food habits, and with exercise was able to lose 18kg in a healthy way. Thank you!’