Are you being YOU?

Beautiful weekend up at the cottage.

Sooo nourishing for the body, mind and soul.

And the doggies love it too!

Why am I sharing this?

It’s because creating my dream life all while having fun, being true to myself and enjoying the journey wasn’t created overnight.

But, I am truly glad where I am today!

Getting to where I am right now took work, determination and a lot of self work.

I was always the kid that was going against the grain, against the wave of ‘normal’ when it came to what I can achieve in my life.

I had an argument for everything that was said around when it just didn’t feel right inside of me.

And, I wasn’t supported for my outgoing personality and my strong mindset (back then called stubborn, I just called it me being ME).

But even if people around me didn’t enjoy the way I saw things and the things I wanted to achieve, I knew I was meant for more….so much more that what I saw around me.

And I know that by being ME and following my intuition and that inner voice was NEEDED to be the best of me and the best life I could live.

This is where my soul’s work started, back as a clinical dietitian (and even before), in helping people know that they have a better life beyond their eating disorder, beyond what their parents told them to do, beyond what their current reality was showing.

And I am here to tell you…that I am truly talking to YOU…

The YOU who knows she is meant for more.

The YOU who doesn’t fit what society dictates…

The YOU (that soul lead woman) who is ready to show her true power and expand her full potential.

The YOU who has been hiding and struggling with food and weight.

The YOU who KNOWS that she is living in a side-life and not her true happy life.

The YOU who is ready and excited, with a dash of fear, to release her unhealthy eating habits, release her weight that is dragging her down in her energy.

The YOU who is ready to tune in and expand fully her energy and inner beauty.


Have you talked recently to that inner YOU?

Have you asked yourself, beyond the limitations of your current reality, who is that true YOU inside?

That YOU  who is still reading this and knows that she is off-path from what YOU truly want to be doing and how YOU want to be living?




So, take a moment, take out a note pad, and answer these questions to bring that YOU out.

If you truly listened to that inner voice, how would your current reality be?

How would YOU be showing up?


How would your day be?

How would your health be?

How would your life be?
Sit down.

Write it all down.

And know that…

If you dream it…

If you write it…

If you feel it…

It is all yours.




I created my life.

And so can you.

Time to step up and unleash your massive potential!

So excited for you

Dina xo

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