The 5 reasons why you are still struggling with binge eating

Struggling in a never-ending struggle with food, stress-eating, binge eating, night eating….

And not sure what you are doing wrong?

Today, I want to share with you the 5 reasons why you are still struggling.

💥Reason #1: You are wanting a miracle solution

To make a true and lasting change, you can’t wait for a miracle plan to save you. The day you decide that you are not a victim but the leader of your health…is the day that you are on the road to true food freedom.

💥Reason #2: You believe you have to stop eating the foods your love to reach your goals

There are no good foods or bad foods….Just healthy and unhealthy relationships with food. When you start seeing all foods available as nourishment, the grip certain items have on you is cut, and true food freedom can be reached.

💥Reason #3: You believe that being hungry is a sign of success

Being famished is not a sign of weight loss, it is a sign of FAMINE. And this only makes your body go into survival mode, which means a slower metabolism, and long-term increase on the scale.
Feed your body, it will thank you.

💥Reason #4: You are waiting for the perfect time to start.

There is no perfect time. There is only now.
Life will happen and throw you curve balls, and when you start making a change as of now, you are telling this universe that you are important…and this is why you will feel a great shift of energy in your favor.

💥Reason #5: You don’t want to put in the work

Yes, it will take time.
Yes, it will take some changes.
Yes, it will take some learning.

You didn’t learn to walk overnight.
You didn’t learn to talk overnight.

Be patient with yourself.

💥💥💥 SO HERE IT IS 💥💥💥

The complete TRUTH of what might be blocking you from reaching your goals.

And if you are done with binge eating taking over your thoughts 24/7, apply to work with me.

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I have you covered.

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Dina Merhbi, Business & Body Balance Coach


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