Why 2.8 million North Americans suffer from excess weight and binge eating, and why it is hurting our future if we don’t do this. 

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I’ve been so concerned about our society and really dove deep to understand why north Americans health is getting worse and binge eating is on the rise.

I keep looking at stats recently, and it is shocking to see that 2.8 million people are suffering from binge eating disorder, and that it is increasing dramatically every single year.

And, we have seen that it can start as early as the age of 6 for girls and boys, and can even develop later on in life.

And throughout my career, there is so much bad information and experts in the medical field are not aware of what the true cause is.

In fact, society and even in the medical field, they keep forcing us to believe that dieting, medications, products, self-control are the only way to treat obesity and binge eating disorder.

And after 17 years of studying this and being the leading expert in my field, it is very clear what is causing this problem and why it will continue being a problem if we don’t change the way we view this global health issue. 

Reason 1

Dieting is now part of normal culture, and is seen as a good thing!

‘Good for you for resisting this cake.’

‘Wow, your willpower is amazing.’

Keep up the diet, you are so beautiful now!

And here is the truth…95% of people who follow any type of diet will fail within the next 1 to 3 years. And this is proven. No matter the diet, there is only 1 guarantee: failure. Because the dieting industry thrives in people failing.

Reason 2

Quick fixes are the leading cause for obesity and binge eating.

Studies show that people need accountability for more than 21 days since it does take 66 days to create a change and start the maintenance part! And often, many ‘experts’ are not experts.

Reason 3

We live in a society of treating the superficial problems, not the root causes. Take a pill. Do this diet. Do 100 crunches. Take these protein shakes.

Heck it these would actually work, there would be no more obesity. It would have never become an epidemic.

And this is why I do what I do.

I don’t know your story or what you are going through at the moment, but if you are somebody who has been struggling with this, or someone around you is struggling with. You are not alone and you don’t need to struggle with this on your own.

I’ve seen people heal, even if they’ve been struggling with this for many years.

And if they did it, you can do it! I don’t want you to lose hope!

If you are ready to break-free and take that first step towards health and recovery, I’ve added a link to my private Facebook Group Below.

Can’t wait to support you.

Dina Merhbi, Body Balance Coach

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