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I’m Dina Merhbi, Health & Life Coach

I went from leading an unbalanced and food-addicted life and low energy, to having a clear mind, balanced meals without losing control, and never turning to food when things were tough.

I believe the way we eat should fit our lifestyle, and not the other way around (read: I don’t accept that all should fit into 1 lifestyle plan, but truly believe there is a way to finding what each person needs to truly lead a balanced health, nutritionally)

I have been featured on many TV and magazines platforms as the go-to expert over the past 20 years.

I helped over thousands of clients go from overwhelmed, overworked and overweight  … to dropping pant sizes, releasing unwanted and toxic eating habits, and unleash bursts of energy in this life so that they live a life free from physical anxiety and reach their full potential in their business.

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