Creating your best life TODAY

Last week, a new concept came to mind that truly brings together many things I work on with my clients who are business owners and entrepreneurs. 

I took part in a 3-day challenge that helped me see my impact and my business in an upleveled way.

Wealth = Wellness + health

This was eye opening because very often, as a career-driven woman and an entrepreneur, I always saw the concept of money and income as the source of wealth…

This is what many business coaches are there are selling, and this is what my past coaches taught me as well.

 I took on their belief system, and believe wealth = money.

But, now I know why focusing on money as the sign of wealth is the shortest route to…quitting and burnout. .

I hustled, I pushed, I spent hours and hours on my business, and totally neglected my health.

And if you don’t have your business, this is the same for anything you truly focus on!

If you are focusing only on the weight loss, and that reaching a number is your path to happiness…pushing, spending hours calculating your calories or hours in the gym, you will…quit and binge eat.

Because any goal we have, if we focus on 1 aspect as the GOLD MEDAL, and put all our energy in it…

And we have a hard day, a slip up, a harder week…we tend to quit and go back to our old habits. 

Because…let’s be honest…

Imagine having all the money you could ever want!

Imagine you have an amazing launch!!

But you are burned out, depressed, not being able to show up for your clients, seeing the $$$ in your account and still feeling like something is missing.

You lost track of yourself, your health, your eating, your body, your sleep, your relationships…

You pretty much let everything go or on pause until you reach that business goal…only realizing that achieving that number on that goal is making you more depressed than you thought.

 This is what happens when you are focusing on 1 thing to wealth…and not truly looking at the big picture.

Because no matter how much money you make…or much weight you lose…or the number you reach on the scale…

If you are putting all the eggs in the basket, in 1 basket, to achieve your best life…

 And you are not enjoying the journey and expecting the destination to be the answer to being happy and fulfilled and living your best life…

 You will quit.

You will burn out.

You will turn to food, or TV, or alcohol…and binge on all.

And you will feel lost, exhausted, and your inner fire of hope and dreams is dying.

But…this is not your fault (up to know, because now is tough love time with Dina)

The hustle mindset is suffocating women because hustle is the quickest way to…quit.

Yes, as women, we can do everything, being true warriors, but doing too much = not enjoying the journey that is truly aligned to our happiness = not fun.

But if you focus on wellness and health, and have business/money being under the hat of WELNESS (because yes, we need money to pay things, buy groceries, pay the car to go to work…), and balanced weight under HEALTH (because being at a balanced weight does treat and prevent many things)… 

This opens up an abundance of things that can be under the Wellness hat and the Health hat.

Not just the dollar signs in your bank account! 

Or the number on the scale.

I find this quite empowering, because the more we have variety in improving our life, the more empowering we can be, the more we can live our best life as of TODAY.

This is how I lead my amazing coaching business, and this is what I help my clients with to truly create their best life and enjoy the fun journey J
So, homework for today.

Take a blank paper, draw a line in the middle – Wellness on the left and Health on the right.

And brain dump everything that comes to mind under these 2 categories.

What would improve your wellness in your life? Your business? Your relationships?

What would improve your health in your life? Your business? Your relationships?

There are no right or wrong answer.

Brain dump everything that comes to mind, and you will have…in front of you…the map to wealth and happiness 🙂

Beyond the $$$ in your account….

Beyond the number on the scale…


You can truly live your best life TODAY, but you need to decide, believe & act…your way to success.

And as of today, no more excused, just excitement!

If you are ready to uplevel your life and work together? You can contact me right here to see if we are a great fit.

Dina xo

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