You are ready to put your health first so that you can look, feel and be at your best in your business and personal life.

Being an entrepreneur, especially a women entrepreneur, is a demanding job, both physically & mentally.

From leading coaching calls with your clients, team meetings, and creating content, you might feel that you are running during the day, and food is your go-to for energy, fun, boredom, or even as a reward after completing your to-do list.

And you are not alone. 

Food is the most common ‘tool’ used because it is tasty, accessible, and it does provide that quick little boost you might be seeking.

However, once the high is over, there is a flip side to stress-eating & emotionally eating.

  • Weight gain
  • Exhaustion
  • Sleeping issues

And you know that you want to end this rollercoaster relationship with your food habits & your weight because it is not helping you show up as the confident, healthy & magnetic person you truly are.

After going through all this, I finally found the secret to creating a change, and to maintain it no matter what curve balls threw my way.

You know that feeling great in your body AND having a thriving business is possible for you, and you are ready to take that step today!

You can be that successful & confident woman with a thriving career without having to sacrifice your health.

You can wake up everyday full of energy, excited to get dressed & show up to work magnetic & focused.

You can eat your favorite foods without guilt & love what you see in the mirror.

You can have the mental clarity to show up as your best self in business and in life because you are nourishing your body perfectly for your lifestyle and needs, and clients just LOVE working with you because you are finally aligned, happy and healthy.

It is time to change shift from balancing it all to upleveling it all through nutrition, fitness & mindset.

If you’re ready to feel like energized, have a great relationship with your food and your body, and unleash massive confidence so that you can show up & live the life of your dreams, then it is time to talk.

Let’s work together so that in the next few months, you are not still in the same situation as you are today and thinking ‘I should have…’.

The successful and happy person in you is ready.

The strategy to help you get results

The C.R.E.A.T.E. method was developped after helping over 1000 women creating lasting change that is stable & sustainable through the walks of life. This system is also a winning strategy that helped me ensure that my health was a crucial part of my business success, and enjoying fully life freely and without hiding behind my laptop.

It combines nutrition, psychology, mindfulnes, fitness & experience to provide you with a personalized system that fits your goals, but your lifestyle & your business.

Hi there! Dina Merhbi here.

Close to 10 years ago, I decided to leave my corporate job & start my own coaching business. 

I left because I was working 12+hr days, never having the time to work out or meal prep. I was exhausted, burned out, and found myself emotionally eating/binge eating till I almost hit 200lb.

I wanted to be my own boss and create my own schedule for my health..but…the opposite happened.

I found myself in the same exhausting lifestyle as the corporate life, but now I had the stress of creating a successful business.

I realized I had to change, so I did what I do best: I coached myself & followed what is now known as the C.R.E.A.T.E. method. Montreal Dietitian Nutritionist

I dropped the weight, the emotional eating, but as well all the beliefs that kept me hustling & depressed.

And not only did my health improve, but my business thrived as well.

Click the button below to know how I help other driven & ambitious women entrepreneurs create the same results.

Ready to upgrade your health?

Personalized Programs

 You are done doing things on your own and wasting time trying to figure things out on your own. 

You are done with dieting and restricting the foods you love.

You are ready work with me and find the right plan for your needs and your reality. 

You are ready to feel great in your clothes and reach a balanced weight as so to create success in your business and life. 

Then my personalized signature programs are your KEY to ending that dieting rollercoaster and love your body so as to feel great in your clothes and build a winning business.

Free challenge

Healing your relationship with food has nothing to do with food!

It is about the 5 pillars that are the winning key to simplify your life by understanding why you do what you do, and what are the proper steps to end the dieting rollercoaster and build your health plan according to YOU!

In this 5-day challenge, you will gain insight regarding mindset, nutrition, emotional triggers, environmental toxins, and maintenance success.

Join today, and gain clarity in 5 days or less.

Group Program

Our 12-week group is for the women that are seeking building a healthy life alongside a loving and supportive community.

Get on the VIP waitlist to get one of the limited seats when we will be opening the doors!

You can be my next success story!

I attended one of Dina’s workshops, received her workbook, and continuously consult with her for guidance.  The information and guidance she provides to me related to overcoming emotional eating and becoming more balanced has changed my life.  She opened my eyes to some of the mindset issues that had been blocking me from truly gaining freedom from the constant yo-yo dieting, negative self-talk and emotional eating.  Dina has brought so much clarity into my life and I feel blessed to have her guidance and support.  She’s helped me get on the right path for true and sustainable recovery, and I look forward to continuing my journey with her.  Dina genuinely cares and has the heart of a healer.  I highly recommend working with her.

T. Michelle Patterson

Business Owner, Tiffany Michelle & Co.

“I met Dina last month for the first time, I thought that I already knew how to eat healthily but I was mistaken. Compared to my last experience with another nutritionist, Dina proved to be extremely professional and knowledgeable. With the organized and personalized meal plan that she prepared for me, I already feel better and healthier. Thank you Dina.”



“Everything you need to achieve a healthier version of yourself. Dina helps you find solutions to match your lifestyle. For her, nutrition is not only about food, but also about your emotional state and your physical wellbeing.”


Entrepreneur and mother of 2

”My meeting with Dina Merhbi has been greatly beneficial to me. Dina immediately identified my problems and gave me all the necessary tools to improve my health. She understood that stress was the main source of my weight gain. We worked together to counter the problem and suggested new ways to eat while explaining the benefits to my health. Dina is also always smiling, comforting and reassuring. I felt always confident with her and her advice. Thank you Dina for your precious help.”

Sophia B.

HR manager

Dina is terrific. She is a great listener and I have learned a lot from her in a very short period of time. She is very positive and very supportive. She is very knowledgeable and she makes herself very available to her clients. I am very glad I found her.


Finding the time to take care of myself has been a challenge I have been struggling with for years.
I took the decision to make a change last year and I was looking to find a dietitian that would help along my journey. However, my biggest concern was the fit and how I would fit in the time with my busy schedule. I was not able to take time away from work given I have a demanding job.

I was finally referred to Dina Merhbi and she suggested the Skype sessions in order to accommodate my busy lifestyle. I tried and love it!

Skype sessions are convenient, accessible anywhere you want even from the comfort of your own home and you can still reap the benefits from the face-to-face interaction.

For me the Skype sessions are just as effective as the in-person contact. If you are motivated to change and disciplined, there is no difference between the in-person and virtual sessions. I would highly recommended to anyone trying to make a change and has a busy schedule.

At the end of the day, the result is the same its what you make out of it and the effort you put in!

And I truly believe in life special people cross our paths and give us the strength and courage to go through a difficult time.

I feel lucky to have met Dina and I am glad she is part of my journey to recover. I have been deprived of a normal life for years struggling with this internal demon. Everyday, I feel like I am changing and I feel like I am learning to love myself.

Thank-you Dina for supporting throughout this challenging journey.



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