Are you ready to eat your way to food freedom?

 Wihtout Dieting.

Without cutting your favorite foods out.

Without hours spend in the kitchen?

I know why you are here

You have done more diets than you can count.

You have spent so much money on shakes and plans that you try not to think about it.

And you are finding yourself with more weight than you had started with.

You are exhausted, hungry, and feeling lost at finding a solution that works for you.

You are feeling ashamed that YOU, a successful & driven woman, who achieved so much, cannot break free from your weight and food addition. 

And you know, deep down, that this weight is actually holding you back from reaching your full potential & scale your life and business. 

So, if you are ready to:

 To go from this…

🚫 Feeling bloated & uncomfortable in your clothes.

🚫 Feeling exhausted & going for that 3pm sugar fix.

🚫 Going for food everytime you are tired, bored, or anxious.

🚫 Feeling that food has taken over your life. 

To this…

✅ Finally release the weight that you has been dragging you down.

✅ Unleash massive energy all day long without sugar cravings.

✅ Break-free from emotional eating and binge eating. 

✅ Take back control of your life and food, and truly be FREE!


You are going to LOVE my proven system


Let’s E.A.T. is a proven system that will help you Energize, Activate and Transform your health & habits for life. With over 20 years of clients getting amazing results by working together, I have put together the complete system into a self-study program to help you EAT your way to food freedom. 

Inside this program

You’ll be handed the exact method to gain food freedom, banish your food cravings, and become the confident and empowered women you are meant to be WITHOUT dieting or restricting the foods you love!

♦ You will create ENERGY throughout your day so as to stay focused & aligned, and prevent that afternoon sugar-crash and the nighttime munchies.

♦ You will ACTIVATE your metabolism, which will help you feel great in your clothes, and release the weight that you might have gained due to overeating & binge eating.

♦ You will TRANSFORM your thoughts, your way of eating, and your beliefs so that you create an aligned health plan that fits with your lifestyle!

And will also

♦ Unlock your Mind-body connection by eating intuitively so that you are eating for your body and keeping it in optimal energy state!

♦ Stop eating against your body by discovering which how to EAT according to your Body Code, and stop the physical reasons that lead you to binge eat. 


♦ Unlearn stress eating by creating a new game plan SO THAT you get your body out of stress mode and into OPTIMAL MODE!


♦ Rewire your mind by ending your self-sabotaging thoughts SO THAT you can eat your cake and enjoy it, without feeling like you have to eat it all. 


♦ Build a successful plan by eating for your body and not against it in your current reality SO THAT you can maintain and thrive in your new confident self!

‘Working with Dina was such a pleasure! Her approach to eating is nothing that I have ever seen before. It is genius!’

Lori P. 

I'm Dina Merhbi, Healthy & Wellness Coach

I went from leading an unbalanced and food-addicted life, reaching close to 200lb, and feeling lost & hopeless to…

Breaking up with my binge eating, eating my way to food freedom, and releasing the weight AND the guilt.

Despite my studies & specialized certifications around nutrition & mental health, I knew that I had to break up with what I learned & truly tune in to change my life.

And I did. This is why, for the past 20 years, I have coached over thousands of clients to go from exhausted to energized, from binge eating to normal eater, and to creating so much ease in their lifestyle that it permeated into all aspects of their life.

I have been featured on many media outlets, such as ABC, NBC, Global Morning News, Le Must Magazine as the go to expert when it comes to create a successful health & life, on our own terms.

‘I really liked the steps Dina used to tackle the eating habits I was having. I would highly recommend her. I believe that everyone can change their habits with her program LET’S EAT.’

Jennifer K. 

The content

Planning for success

Learning from your past to succeed in the present

Structuring your goals with the winning formula to truly inspire you and guide you to take action

Creating your routine to stay focused while working together

Performance nutrition

Reboot to Rebalance

Successful meals & snacks

Mindful eating

Discover your aligned eating schedule

Winning routines

Develop a winning morning routine

Develop a winning evening routine

Develop daily habits that help you stay on track every single day 

Rewrite your beliefs

Understand your emotional triggers

Break the cycle of the emotional triggers

Understand your self-sabotaging thoughts

Rewire your sabotaging thoughts

Future Success

Life on the go

Maintenance checklist

Foundational upgrade

Some love for the futur

Masterclasses & Workshops




Lifetime access to content

Lifetime access to private facebook group

Bonus trainings held inside the Facebook Group


Ready to feel AMAZING?!

Then I would love to work with you and get you the results you DESERVE. 

YES!! I am ready Dina!

  • Access to the complete course & bonuses (over 5 modules, 25 lessons and workbooks) ($1997)
  • Access to masterclasses & trainings to provide more guidance & tools ($997)
  • Access to our Private Facebook Group for continued support ($997)
  • LIFETIME access to future updates of the program
  • Total value is $3991 if purchased separately


    $1297 CAD

  • (or 6 payments of $247 CAD via PAYPAL button below)

The Program Details

The complete Let’s E.A.T. program

You will get access to the complete system, that includes over 25 video trainings & workbooks for LIFE

Additional bonus masterclasses

New trainings will be added inside the Facebook Group to enrich your experience in LET’S E.A.T.

Support & Community

You will have access to me and to the community of other members via a private Facebook Group; or via private mesaging if you ugrade to 1:1 coaching.

What you will achieve

♦ Banish your food cravings by creating your own balanced health plan that works with your body!

♦ Release unwanted eating behaviors by decluttering your beliefs and sabotaging thoughts!

♦ Learn how to eat intuitively and feed your body what it needs and thrives on!

♦ Unleash bursts of energy by balancing your inner energy levels and following a peak performance nutrition!

♦ Boost your confidence by rewiring the beliefs that no longer serve you and create your new reality !

‘The information and guidance Dina provided to me has improved my life. She opened my eyes to some of the mindset issues that had been blocking me from truly gaining freedom from the constant yo-yo dieting, negative self-talk and emotional eating. Dina has brought so much clarity into my life and I feel blessed to have her guidance and support. ‘

Tiffany P. 

I’m ready to bring you my 20 years of experience without emptying the bank account  price tag so that you can get all the knowledge you need to get it right once and for all.

Are you in?

Let’s do this!

  • Access to the complete course & bonuses (over 5 modules, 25 lessons and workbooks) ($1997)
  • Access to masterclasses & trainings to provide more guidance & tools ($997)
  • Access to our Private Facebook Group for continued support ($997)
  • LIFETIME access to future updates of the program
  • Total value is $3991 if purchased separately


    $1297 CAD

  • (or 6 payments of $247 CAD via PAYPAL button below)

‘I was having trouble with my portions and snacks. and Dina came up with a plan that fit perfectly my needs and lifestyle. I’ve been on track since then, and I feel good about myself thanks to her advice. I loved my experience with Dina, and I recommend LET’S EAT without hesitation.’

Nathalie N.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve done online programs before, and never finished them. Is this right for me?

LET’S E.A.T. Signature program is not like any other group program. It follows a proven method that works with the human body to balance its physical health so as to diminish all out-of-control eating habits.

If you are a human, this will work for you. But, you need to put in the work. If you feel that this is not the right fit for you, it is ok.

And, if you need more support, you have access to me inside the private group. 


Not unlike other programs that are 3 months and then you are on your own, we will be together for inside the Facebook Group beyond the end of the program!!

Continued support, coaching, helping you truly get to the bottom of your struggles.

Will I get any personal support?

Yes and no!!!

Yes, I will answer your questions inside the group. This will be your chance to pick at my brain and reach your goals.

But…if you are seeking more individualized support, I recommending you message me and upgrade to private coaching alongside this course. 

Is there a refund policy?

I understand that this might be a big step for you, so do make sure we get on a call together to make sure this is the right program right now for you.

There are no refunds because if you watch the lessons, do the homework, and show up during our group coaching calls, you will create change in your life. 

Too expensive? Don't have the time right now?

You might tell yourself that this product is too expensive. You might tell yourself that you don’t have time right now. You might tell yourself that when you lose weight, you will start a program like this one.

I want you to really think about these questions, and ask yourself there following questions

– This program is expensive…compared to what?

– If you don’t have time right now…how come? Is there ever a perfect time to live the present moment?

– If you don’t start a life changing program now, where will you be in 3 months? Will you reach the leap that is promised in this program?

At the end of the day, it is your choice. Everything is a choice. And if you have any hesitations or want to look over these questions together, I would be more than happy to have a chat with you. And the aim is not for me to sell you this program. I just want to offer you some clarity to help you take a step towards your health, let it be with this program or with someone else.

Your health and success are important to me ?



I don’t guarantee or warrant results. The testimonials on this page may not be typical for all students, but those that did get results showed up, did the work, and asked questions.

If you can be the same, you can get results. 

Contact me

Do you have any questions before applying to working with me?

Just complete the form below, and I would be more than happy to clarify any concerns you might have.

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