Are you flowing or forcing things in your online coaching business?

It happens, I get it, especially when you are starting your online coaching business.

Wanting something so bad that you force through it, get things done that you don’t want to do, focus on the numbers and put everything you have inside of you to make it happen.

But it doesn’t.

Let it be moving the number on the scale, or wanting to make that first 10K in your online coaching business.

You devote your time to do whatever you can to reach your goals, but you end up burning out and quitting, and even wondering if online coaching is for you.

Here is the thing. The more you force something, the more it will be a force against you.

Let’s take wanting to lose weight. You force yourself to follow a diet, train almost daily, cut out the foods you have labelled as ‘bad’, and even say no all social events until you reach that goal.

And then how does that slap you back in the face?

You are HUNGRY all day long, you just can’t seem to focus, your energy starts crashing… And then it is stronger than you. You have 1 bite ‘off plan’, and you completely lose the rails and go back to where you started.

The same thing goes for creating a successful online business.

You decided to go all in. You invested in these ‘make 6 figures in your next launch’ program. You spend you day learning, creating content, doing FB lives, fiddling with your sales page and website, posting…posting…posting…Putting your life and health on hold because you keep telling yourself: ‘One I make those 6-figures, everything will be easier then.’.

But…you never make those 6-figures (actually not even 5-figures) because you overworked yourself, which lead you to crash, burn out, and close up shop.

So, you might be asking how to lose the weight, or create that successful 6-figure business without ‘putting everything in’?

It is by flowing through your activities.

Tuning in to the activities that move the needle for YOU.

Because it was when I let go and decide to flow regarding my health, and also in my business, that everything changed.

My weight just went down because I was connected to my body, moved my body the way I liked, and didn’t put my life on hold.

My business brought in clients weekly by posting less, but by tuning in to truly the essence of my work and what my clients needed to here.

And you can too.

It is time to stop forcing things to happen…

And work from flow and ease for TRUE and LASTING success in your life.

If you want to take that next step together, you can contact me right here, or message me over on Facebook.ย 

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