33 days to get UNSTUCK, get your coaching business online and make your first 1K! 

Without spending hours each day making it work. 

Without spending too much money on shiny things you don’t need. 

Without wondering aimlessly on your best next step and wasting too many hours online. 

A revolutionary GET STARTED PROGRAM for career-driven women who are ready to create an online business that they LOVE and share their much needed expertise with the world. 

33 days to get UNSTUCK, get your coaching business online and make your first 1K! 

Without spending hours each day making it work. 

Without spending too much money on shiny things you don’t need. 

Without wondering aimlessly on your best next step and wasting too many hours online. 

A revolutionary GET STARTED PROGRAM for career-driven women who are ready to create an online business that they LOVE and share their much needed expertise with the world. 

I know why you are here

You have tried starting your online coaching business. 

You have spent so much time & money on following someone else’s startegy and still stuck. 

And you are finding yourself lacking the motivation and wondering if this online coaching business is for you. 

You are exhausted of your current work, working too many hours, losing your inner motivation in your day, and always having this crazy idea of creating an online business that you LOVE and that you are excited to with your clients.

I get it. I was there for a while before understanding that…

It is not by forcing what worked for someone else that I will create a business that I truly love and that fits ME.

It is not by spending $$$ on endless self-study programs that I will actually get the right support to start on track. 

It is not by doing EVERYTHING possible that one of these things will actually work overnight.  

It is not by chasing a ‘shiny solution’ that the solution will actually work for me!

So, let’s cut to the chase. Are you ready to

Finally focus on your business and get out of your own way by finding easy ways to get started online without costing you $$$ every single month.  

Take charge of your success and be empowered in your life.

Start feeling excited to share your work in  way that works with you and your likes/disliked.  

Have fun connecting with clients and testing what works for you and what doesn’t work.

So that you can…

Finally get that business ONLINE. 

Break-free from the hustle and the grind of the online world. 

Take back control of your life, your business, your happiness.


‘Working with Dina was such a pleasure! Her approach to coaching is nothing that I have ever seen before. It is genius!’

Lori P.

I'm Dina Merhbi, Body Balance Coach & Business Strategist

Over the past 20 years, I have helped busy & driven clients banish their stress eating, heal their gut issues, flatten their belly and boost their energy, all while creating more success in their business.

And the thing is, they have reached their goals all without dieting or hustling in their life. 

I have been the lead specialist on more than 20 media publications and segments sharing my expertise, and excited to support you if you are ready.

And if you want to discover how career-driven women are eating their way to weight loss,  creating massive levels of energy in their day, and working less while making more money, I have a free starting guide just for you. 

And this is why I created

33 days to start up or reboot your business!

The group program that will help you

* Get your offline business online

* Create a simple tech system that will help you bring in clients

* Transform your hustle-mind to a flowing-mind

So that you can start your online coaching business and feeling ABUNDANT & RADIANT life

With small, daily and fun tips & health boosters!


This means that

You will be handed daily actionable tips to JUMP START your business, take out the tech overwhelm, and  become the confident and empowered women you are meant to be WITHOUT waiting to start taking clients TODAY.


♦ You will create YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA PAGES so that you start building your amazing audience. 


♦ You will BUILD EASY TECHS, which will help you have easy systems in place to coach clients and even take payments easily. 


♦ You will TRANSFORM your day and business model so that you are working in your power-flow time and showing up in the way that you are being YOU online.

And we will also start working to

♦ Unlock your Mind-body connection by eating intuitively so that you are eating for your body and keeping it in optimal energy state to be powerful in your business.

♦ Stop working against yourself by discovering which actions and programs fit your lifestyle and your coaching style.


♦ Unlearn the hustle mindset by creating a new game plan SO THAT you get your body out of stress mode and into OPTIMAL MODE for PURE BUSINESS ENEGY!


♦ Rewire your mind by ending your self-sabotaging thoughts SO THAT you can keep moving forward in your business because NOW IS YOUR TIME!


♦ Build a successful plan for your business and not against it in your current reality SO THAT you can maintain and thrive in your new 2020 online coaching business!

‘I really liked the steps Dina used to tackle the issues I was having. I would highly recommend her. I believe that everyone can change their habits with her coaching.’

Jennifer K. 

The content

Daily actionable steps

You will get daily accessible actionable tips to help you follow through the week’s training without overwhelm or confusion. With workbooks and extra resources, you will truly create your own personalized health plan. 

Weekly Trainings

You will get access to 5 trainings that guide you through the 33-day program and create structure each week. 

Also, you will have access to previous Q/A calls that will support you even more. 

Q/A LIVE support


I will be leading inpromptu FB lives to answer your questions throughout your journey here. 

You will get your business online, and I will be there to cheer you forward. 

Continued access


Once the program is completed, you will get access to all the trainings and coaching calls via a private membership site to continue on your success journey. 

Ready to start up or reboot your online coaching business & get back on track on your life & business goals?!

Then this program is THE BEST WAY to get started & actually creating lasting systems that you love!

‘The information and guidance Dina provided to me has changed my life. She opened my eyes to some of the mindset issues that had been blocking me from truly gaining freedom from the constant yo-yo dieting, negative self-talk and emotional eating. Dina has brought so much clarity into my life and I feel blessed to have her guidance and support. ‘

Tiffany P. 

I met Dina last month for the first time, I thought that I already knew how to eat healthily but I was mistaken.

Compared to my last experience with another coach, Dina proved to be extremely professional and knowledgeable.

With the organized and personalized meal plan that she prepared for me, I already feel better and healthier.

Thank you Dina.


Graduate Student

Everything you need to achieve a healthier version of yourself.

Dina helps you find solutions to match your lifestyle.

For her, nutrition is not only about food, but also about your emotional state and your physical wellbeing.

Carine J.

Business Owner

Dina is terrific!

She is a great listener and I have learned a lot from her in a very short period of time.

She is very positive and very supportive. She is very knowledgeable and she makes herself very available to her clients.

I am very glad I found her.

Alicia F.

Mom to an amazing 10-year old girl

So, ready to change the rest of your life?

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve done online programs before, is this right for me?

This is a quick & reboot program to help you stake massive steps in the beginning with daily and easy actions. 

You will get everything broke down in such an easy way that they are all easy to add into anyone’s routine. 

If you are a human, this will work for you. But, you need to put in the work. If you feel that this is not the right fit for you, it is ok.


You get my coaching to create massive changes with my expertise and hot-seat coaching. 

Will I get any personal support?

YES!!! I will be hosting LIVE online group coaching sessions where I will answer all your questions. This will be your chance to pick at my brain and reach your goals.

If you are seeking more individualized support, I recommend you message me to see if private coaching is for you. 

Is there a refund policy?

There are no refunds because if you watch the lessons, do the homework, and show up during our group coaching calls, you will create change in your life.

Too expensive? Don't have the time right now?

You might tell yourself that this product is too expensive. You might tell yourself that you don’t have time right now. You might tell yourself that when you lose weight, you will start a program like this one.

I want you to really think about these questions, and ask yourself there following questions

– This program is expensive…compared to what?

– If you don’t have time right now…how come? Is there ever a perfect time to live the present moment?

– If you don’t start a life changing program now, where will you be in a month? Will you reach the leap that is promised in this program?

And yes, the price of this program is actually a fraction of the price of what it would cost for 33 days of private coaching. 



I don’t guarantee or warrant results. The testimonials on this page may not be typical for all students, but those that did get results showed up, did the work, and asked questions.

If you can be the same, you can get results. 

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