‘Where attention goes, energy flows’ 

Yes, where attention goes, energy flows…and your success!

Too often, it is not a lack of money or time or resources or support that someone might be missing to reach their goal.

It is about FOCUS!

If you are done with your day dictating your success, and ready to dictate how your day goes, I have an amazing gift for you!

Journaling templates

Daily success tools

Journaling is a tool to help you tune in to your inner highest self, but also to help you release what no longer serves you and shift your focus onto success.

I compiled some of my best journals for you. See which speaks to you, and journal way.


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Dina xo 

Finding the time to take care of myself has been a challenge I have been struggling with for years.
I took the decision to make a change last year and I was looking to find a dietitian that would help along my journey.

However, my biggest concern was the fit and how I would fit in the time with my busy schedule. I was not able to take time away from work given I have a demanding job.

I was finally referred to Dina Merhbi and she suggested the Skype sessions in order to accommodate my busy lifestyle. I tried and love it!

I would highly recommended to anyone trying to make a change and has a busy schedule.

And I truly believe in life special people cross our paths and give us the strength and courage to go through a difficult time.

I feel lucky to have met Dina and I am glad she is part of my journey to recover. I have been deprived of a normal life for years struggling with this internal demon. Everyday, I feel like I am changing and I feel like I am learning to love myself.

Thank-you Dina for supporting throughout this challenging journey.




  • Gain a deep understanding as to why you are binge eating or feeling like you are addicted to food. We will see all the causes that cause the urge to binge and outline the exact steps needed to change your current habits.
  • Create customized morning and evening routines to keep you aligned to your goals
Physical foundation

  • Balance blood sugar levels and banish the physical need for binging and sugar cravings
  • Reconnect to your true hunger and fullness signals
  • Understand your true internal calorie counter
  • Nourish your body without always turning to food
  • Learn to be mindful, tune in, and listen to what your body needs
Emotional strength

  • Uncover tools and methods to manage mental/emotional and physical stress
  • Reduce internal and external environmental stress reactions in a non-food-related way
  • Understanding the self-care routine to help you maintain a balanced life
  • Develop confidence, self-acceptance and healthy relationships
  • Release the inner critic in you
  • Change your focus away from food when emotions take over
  • Break-free from limiting beliefs, patterns, fears and toxic thoughts preventing you from healing
  • Dismantle your food labels as ‘good foods’ and ‘bad foods’ and create healthy labels for all foods
  • Rewire your self-sabotaging thoughts learning by your surrounding
Environmental detox

  • Declutter your life to create space for health and wellness
  • Build a winning energy around you to limit the outside world from drifting you away from your goal
  • Learn and feel empowered with the most powerful word for your health: NO
Success for life

  • Maintain your successful routine to stay up-to-date with your health
  • Surround yourself with those that lift you up to become the best person you can be
  • Be in a community that helps you stay on track in a positive and encouraging way

Please note the current investment for private coaching is $3000 USD for 3 months.

Monthly payment plans are also available. 



Deep dive nutrition & health evaluation

90-min. initial deep dive session to set goals, clear clutter and set you up for success


These are crucial to help you and support you to reach your goals (by phone or Skype)

Customized health plan

Customized health plan and weekly handouts, workbooks, videos and updates

Email support

Email support between sessions

Please note the current investment for private coaching is $3000 USD for 3 months.

Monthly payment plans are also available. 

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