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If you are on the never ending dieting rollercoaster to lose weight, only leading you to stress-eat or binge eat, and gaining even more weight than you lost? This is for you!

This is quite a hot topic in today’s social media world because we keep seeing lists, posts of good food and bad food, junk food, dirty dozen, clean eating…And it doesn’t end there!

In every diet, let it be keto or paleo or pegan, there are good food and bad foods within categories to guide people to lose weight.

Now, are you ready for this? Are you ready for the whole truth and nothing but the truth of how to cut that noise and actually succeed in your weight loss goal?

Who am I?

I’m Dina Merhbi, Body Balance Coach, and for the past 18 years, I’ve been going against the grain of current dieting trend to help my clients end their struggle with food, with their weight and with their bodies so as to finally flatten their belly, release unwanted eating habits and unleash bursts of energy in their day.

And you know what?

I have been cleaning up the damage that other coaches are causing. And it breaks my heart that so many coaches are causing weight gain, causing emotional eating, causing binge eating, causing eating disorders, when the solution to lose weight without dieting is easy. 


Because I don’t believe in dieting, spending endless hours in the gym, depriving whole categories of foods.

And when clients come to me to lose weight, this is the first thing we work on: I tell them ‘there are no good foods or bad foods that we all must follow.

  • You like bread? Yes, you can lose weight eating bread
  • You like chips? No problem, you will still eat chips.
  • How about that tub of ice cream that doesn’t last longer than 1 day in your house? Yes yes and yes! You will even forget you have that ice cream…

So yes, there are no good food or bad food, only bodily accepted and bodily non-accepted foods.

The real issue is the habits you have developed around these foods that we need to rewire for food freedom and weight loss.

So, instead of seeing food as good or bad, here is the truth for health and balance:

1. There are bodily accepted and non-accepted foods that are personal to you! You need to connect to your body and be able to feel the signs it sends you about what it likes and what it doesn’t like. Not your brain. Your body. Here are some examples
–You are allergic to peanuts. Then for you, peanuts are to be avoided because your body is not made to deal with its components!
— You have celiac, so yes, you must avoid gluten at all cost otherwise you will be in a bed for a few days, even find yourself in the hospital.
— You eat kiwi and your mouth swells up. So your body is telling you kiwi is a no go…

But if you are not allergic to peanuts, have celiac, or swell up like mad when eating kiwi, these these foods are not physically bad for you, but you mentally labelled them bad, which causes emotional stress round them…

2. Labelling food as good or bad is giving power to the ‘bad’ foods. And what happens when we feel at a loss….the bad foods are tempting aren’t they? You break the rules, even if you are not hungry or might not even like that food, eat it because you are done with the restriction, the stress, the fatigue. And you don’t binge on a carrot with you 

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3. Weight gain, emotional eating, binge eating has nothing to do with food….
It’s not the muffins fault, the ice creams fault, the pizza fault.
If your body, physically, is made to digest and burn the calories of these foods, but you are not connected to the amount that your body wants, then it is your habit, your coping mechanism, your decision to have large amounts of these foods to DEAL with the emotion/situation you are feeling/living.
And I get it!
I’ve spend half of my time since graduating university filling in the gaps that my top notch university degree forgot to train me…which is pretty much 75% of what is needed to know to help my clients.

So for today, here is the first step I give all my clients to start the rewiring process.

Affirmations are amazing as an easy first step.

Repeat, write, say out loud daily!

There are no good foods or bad food. Food is meant to nourish my body so that I can be at my best self, and I am ready to feel and heal my emotion without having to turn to food every single time.

It is time to learn, grow and let go, food freedom and weight loss is there.
It is your time.

Dina Merhbi, Body Balance Coach


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