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‘Rise & Thrive’

Weight-loss Coaching Program 

Lose 20lb+ in the next 4 months without dieting or restricting your favorite foods, all while building up your business. 

Ready to melt the belly-weight, the doubt & the brain fog so that you can rock that dress & show up confidently in your business every single day?



‘Rise & Thrive’ Weight-Loss Coaching Program 

Lose 20lb+ in the next 4 months without dieting or restricting your favorite foods, all while building up your business. 

Ready to melt the belly-weight, the doubt & the brain fog so that you can rock that dress & show up confidently in your business every single day?



IS this you?

You are an amazing driven woman who is wanting to live her purpose & change lives.

You are known to go above-and-beyond for your clients & your team.

You show up everyday doing the work, and complete your to-do list.

But, you have a secret

You are feeling ashamed that YOU, a successful & driven woman, who achieved so much, cannot break free from your weight and food struggles. 

You tried the diets, the plan, the shakes, but you just kept putting on more weight & more guilt. 

You are exhausted, hungry, and feeling lost at finding a solution that works for you. 

And you know, deep down, that this weight is actually holding you back from reaching your full potential & scale your life and business because you are feeling like a fraud who ‘shows’ everything is good, but in reality, you feel like you are hanging by a thread some days. 

And right now, it is time to cut to the chase

You are great at what you do, but when it comes to your eating, fitness & mindset around your body, this is not your zone of genius. 

Your business is running, but you are burning out on the other end.

Your are amazing at supporting you clients, but you have to muster so much energy to get your day completed. 

You do it all, but then finding yourself with a pint of ice cream brain-numbing yourself on Netflix to ‘take a break’. 

Time for a reality check

I don’t believe that we need to choose between our business and our health. Our self must be at its best shape (mental & physical) to scale & transform people’s lives.  

At times, you might feel that you are asking for too much to have it all! The business, the body, the lifestyle.

But guess what, you NEED & DESERVE to have it all if you truly want to create an impact in this world through your expertise. 

It is time to RISE above the noise, and melt that block that is still holding you back: your weight, your stress-eating & binge eating, and your rollercoaster energy cycle. 

So, if you are ready to

Finally release the weight that you has been dragging you down all these years & keep it off SO THAT you can create more income & impact in your business. 

Unleash massive energy all day long SO THAT you can get your tasks done in half the time. 

Break-free from emotional eating and binge eating SO THAT you take back your control over your favorite foods.

The RISE Mastermind is based on the 5 pillars that I personally used to lose the weight & stress eating while creating my successful business.

These 5 pillars will become your foundation that helps your maintain your success through all of life’s curve balls. 

‘Working with Dina was such a pleasure! Her approach to eating is nothing that I have ever seen before. It is genius!’

Lori P.

Hey there! I'm Dina!

If you are new to my world, I am so excited to have you here.

For starters, I want to be real with you.

I struggled with my weight for a long time, along with stress-eating & binge eating.

I tried it all, and never found true weight & food freedom until…

I decided to take things into my own hands and think outside the box.


I have lost close to 50lb (and kept it off) despite being a business owners & entrepreneur.

Binge eating is never a though in my mind, and my house is filled with my favorite foods without stress or anxiety.

And I am here to show you, to tell you, to inspire you to go after your goals, & look & feel great doing it!

It is time to drop the dead-weight holding you down so as to RISE like a Phoenix into your success life, today.

Imagine this being your new reality


You wake up energized & feeling great in your body.

You jump out of bed strong & focused.

You brush your teeth, looking at yourself smiling at the reflection.

You are proud of the body that you have built.

You finally see in the mirror what you have been wishing for all these years.

You head to your bedroom & pick what you want to wear without a doubt in your mind.

You look strong, powerful & happy, and it shows in your all the areas of your life & business. 


There is a glow in your eyes that everyone is noticing and that people are drawn to.

You are so proud of yourself for creating a body & a life that is healthy, aligned, & abundant.

You are excited to meet friends & clients, eat out at restaurants, and enjoy your travels.

You are living your life without even thinking about food or your body all day long.

You have melted the weight, the belly fat & the stressful eating habits.

This has created so much space for clarity & growth in your personal & professional life.

You are spending more time doing what you love, & creating more impact in your business with your glowing confidence & happiness.

This could be your reality during the RISE & Thrive weight-loss Coaching program

What is the RISE & Thrive program?

It is an ongoing experience for women business owners & entrepreneurs who want to melt their belly fat, release unwanted eating habits, and unleash massive energy in their day so that she can she can show up magnetic in her life & in her business, and create more income with ease. 

What to expect when you join the program?

You’ll be handed the exact method to gain food freedom, banish your food cravings, and become the confident and empowered women you are meant to be WITHOUT dieting or restricting the foods you love SO THAT you can do the work, get paid, and look great doing it!


♦ You will create ENERGY so that you jump out of the bed in the morning and don’t have any more crashing cravings. 


♦ You will ACTIVATE your metabolism, which will help you feel great in your clothes, and release the weight that no longer serves you.


♦ You will TRANSFORM your thoughts, your way of eating, and your beliefs so that you create an aligned health plan that fits with your lifestyle!

And will also

♦ Unlock your Mind-body connection by eating intuitively so that you are eating for your body and keeping it in optimal energy state!

♦ Stop eating against your body by discovering which foods just don’t fit your own personal body so that you are free from bloating!


♦ Unlearn stress eating by creating a new game plan SO THAT you get your body out of stress mode and into OPTIMAL MODE!


♦ Rewire your mind by ending your self-sabotaging thoughts SO THAT you can eat your cake and enjoy it and still lose weight!


♦ Build a successful plan by eating for your body and not against it in your current reality SO THAT you can maintain and thrive in your new 2021 confident self!

‘I really liked the steps Dina used to tackle the eating habits I was having. I would highly recommend her. I believe that everyone can change their habits with her program LET’S EAT.’

Jennifer K. 

Inside the RISE Mastermind

The RISE 5 pillars

I will walk you through the 5 pillars that create transformation change to upgrade your nutrition, fitness & mindset for life.

Your personal success


I will be sharing with you my secret goal-setting system that will create energetic shifts in your actions so as to leap into seeing results.

Aligning your goals


There are 8 areas to focus on regarding a happy life, and we will show up in a way that creates a + snowball effect in all. 

Health plan & recipes

You will have access to success meal plans & recipes that will take out the overwhelm of meal prepping. 

Fitness plans

By moving your body in alignment, you will create energy & release the stress and weight that is holding you down. 

BMC for health


Dina will walk you through the Body-Mind- Soul system to help you get to the root blockages in creating lasting sucess in your life. 

Rewrite your beliefs

You will end your emotional eating & rewrite your self-sabotaging thoughts to truly break free from old habits. 

Performance nutrition

You will get the tools to know how to eat for your body, boost your metabolism & end the battle with food and cravings. 


Create success & momentum inside the group coaching calls lead by Dina to support you and coach your through the process. 

The Content


Break your link to your past

Releasing emotional residue from past traumas

How to break-free from your family’s broken health & happiness stories

Disordered eating & eating disorders

Understanding the factors that leads to developing an eating disorder

The factors to take into account when struggling with bulimia, binge eating disorder, or night eating syndrome

Ignite your inner power

Building goals that uplift you to always take your best next step 

Creating that inner fire to leap into your best life


Powerful nutrition

Reboot your body to rebalance your metabolism

Understanding what a healthy meal and snack is for your own reality

Discovering what successful hunger & successful fullness are

Living mindfully with food, with fitness, with your day-to-day activities

Tune in to discover your personal WELLNESS blueprint


Losing weight as a woman

Understanding how the female body loses weight according to her hormones

The stressors keeping that belly fat in place

How to eat according to your hormonal cycle & fluctuations 

Plan your day for success

How to start your day leaping into joy

Maintaining focus & freedom throughout the day

Re-focusing habits into your night routine

How to take advantage of your sleep time to propel your success


Fitness & Movement

Moving your body according to your best internal self

Adjusting your routine to create space to incorporate movement into your day

Listening to your body to optimized your workout

Eating for your fitness routine


Reprogram & anchor your new you...today

Understanding your emotional triggers & breaking the cycle

Understanding your self-sabotaging thoughts & rewiring them for longterm success

Release limiting beliefs around food, health & weight

Detoxing your mind & environment from draining energy


Feed your inner child

How joy is your missing tool to get off those weight plateaus

Tuning in to your deepest desires to free yourself from boredom & fear 

Being a powerhouse woman

How to deal with the mom guilt so as to be a role model for your girls & boys

How to optimize your business to create more impact and income in half the time

How to handle the cycles of our lives & always staying connected through menopause

Ready to feel AMAZING?!

Then I would love to work with you and get you the results you DESERVE.

I am ready!

What is included inside this program

  • 3 monthly LIVE group coaching sessions where you get support regarding your questions ($2997)

  • 3 monthly LIVE trainings, with weekly-focused homework ($2997)

  • Access to the foundational trainings of the Mastermind  ($1497) * minimum 4-month commitment for lifetime access

  • Access to a Private Facebook Group where Dina will be available to answer your questions for continual growth ($1997)

  • Bonuses for most engaged members: hot seat coaching, 30-min 1:1 coaching calls, and many more bonuses. 

Bonuses when you pay in full for 4 months:

  • A deep dive coaching session with Dina to create your winning strategy ($555)
  • Save an extra $333


$333 / 2  weeks or $2333 / 4 months

*To pay in CAD currency, do send me a private message ($411 / 2 weeks or $2888 / 4 months) 

‘I was having trouble with my portions and snacks. and Dina came up with a plan that fit perfectly my needs and lifestyle. I’ve been on track since then, and I feel good about myself thanks to her advice. I loved my experience with Dina, and I recommend working with her without hesitation.’

Nathalie N.

‘The information and guidance Dina provided to me has changed my life. She opened my eyes to some of the mindset issues that had been blocking me from truly gaining freedom from the constant yo-y0 dieting, negative self-talk and emotional eating. Dina has brought so much clarity into my life and I feel blessed to have her guidance and support. ‘

Tiffany P. 

The Program Details

The complete foundation RISE method

You will get access to the complete system, that includes over 25 video trainings & workbooks for LIFE

Breakthrough Sessions

I will be leading group coaching sessions where you can join & get coaching to support you in taking always 1 step forward.

Support & Community

You will have access to me and to the community of other members via a private Facebook Group; or via private mesaging if you ugrade to 1:1 coaching.

What you will achieve

♦ Banish your food cravings by creating your own balanced health plan that works with your body!

♦ Release unwanted eating behaviors by decluttering your beliefs and sabotaging thoughts!

♦ Flatten your belly by eating intuitively and feeding your body what it needs and thrives on!

♦ Unleash bursts of energy by balancing your inner energy levels and following a peak performance nutrition!

♦ Boost your confidence by rewiring the beliefs that no longer serve you and create your new reality !

I met Dina last month for the first time, I thought that I already knew how to eat healthily but I was mistaken.

Compared to my last experience with another coach, Dina proved to be extremely professional and knowledgeable.

With the organized and personalized meal plan that she prepared for me, I already feel better and healthier.

Thank you Dina.


Graduate Student

Everything you need to achieve a healthier version of yourself.

Dina helps you find solutions to match your lifestyle.

For her, nutrition is not only about food, but also about your emotional state and your physical wellbeing.

Carine J.

Business Owner

Dina is terrific!

She is a great listener and I have learned a lot from her in a very short period of time.

She is very positive and very supportive. She is very knowledgeable and she makes herself very available to her clients.

I am very glad I found her.

Alicia F.

Mom to an amazing 10-year old girl

Audio testimonial

by S.B. | Why did you decide to work with Dina?

Audio testimonial

by S.B. | How was it working with Dina?

Audio testimonial

by S.B. | How did your life transform?

Audio testimonial

by S.B. | Would you recommend Dina?

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve done online programs before, and never finished them. Is this right for me?

RISE Mastermind is not like any other group program. It follows a proven method that works with the human body to balance its physical health so as to diminish all out-of-control eating habits.

If you are a human, this will work for you. But, you need to put in the work. If you feel that this is not the right fit for you, it is ok.

And, if you need more support, you have access to me inside the private group. 


Not unlike other programs that are 6 months and then you are on your own, we will be together for inside the Facebook Group beyond the end of the program!!

Continued support, coaching, helping you truly get to the bottom of your struggles.

Will I get any personal support?

Yes and no. 

Yes, I will answer your questions inside the group. This will be your chance to pick at my brain and reach your goals.

But…if you are seeking more individualized support, I recommending you message me and upgrade to private coaching alongside this course. 

Is there a refund policy?

I understand that this might be a big step for you, so do make sure we get on a call together to make sure this is the right program right now for you.

There are no refunds because if you watch the lessons, do the homework, and show up during our group coaching calls, you will create change in your life. 

Too expensive? Don't have the time right now?

You might tell yourself that this product is too expensive. You might tell yourself that you don’t have time right now. You might tell yourself that when you lose weight, you will start a program like this one.

I want you to really think about these questions, and ask yourself there following questions

– This program is expensive…compared to what?

– If you don’t have time right now…how come? Is there ever a perfect time to live the present moment?

– If you don’t start a life changing program now, where will you be in 3 months? Will you reach the leap that is promised in this program?

At the end of the day, it is your choice. Everything is a choice. And if you have any hesitations or want to look over these questions together, I would be more than happy to have a chat with you. And the aim is not for me to sell you this program. I just want to offer you some clarity to help you take a step towards your health, let it be with this program or with someone else.

Your health and success are important to me ?



I don’t guarantee or warrant results. The testimonials on this page may not be typical for all students, but those that did get results showed up, did the work, and asked questions.

If you can be the same, you can get results. 

Contact me

Do you have any questions before applying to working with me?

Just complete the form below, and I would be more than happy to clarify any concerns you might have.

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