Media Appearances

5 weight loss myths to avoid

Are you trying to lose weight but feeling on a losing battle every single time?

In my media segment, I demystified the 5 beliefs that are actually setting you up to not succeed every single time.


Dina Merhbi

Diet & fitness tips for menopause

Ladies, the struggle is real!

Weight gain, hot flashes, fatigue, increased cravings…

All those are real symptoms to your menopause.

But, there are proven ways to help you battle the belly weight.

Dina Merhbi

Summer hydration tips

Even though our water needs are constant all year long, there are more changes to suffer from heat strokes in the summer months.

Today, I am sharing some amazing tips to increase your water intake outside of just plain water.

I am also sharing my home-made recipe to make your own without the additives and coloring.

Dina Merhbi

Holiday eating tips

If the holiday is a struggle, and you always start the new year with some extra weight, I have you covered.

Today, I am sharing my winning tips to help you enjoy this season all while still loving your body in the new year.

Dina Merhbi

Staying energized during the winter season

With the colder season approaching, and the sun setting sooner than we would like, you might be feeling depressed, tired and exhausted.

Today, I am sharing with you my winning formula to boost your energy and keep you smiling in the colder months.

Dina Merhbi

Detox naturally

It is a big topic, DETOX!

However, you don’t need to spend days on juicing fasts and suffering to detox your body.

Did you know that your organs are there to help you detox naturally?

Today, I am sharing with you my top foods and products to boost your organs’ detoxifying power.

Dina Merhbi

The new eating disorders to keep an eye out for

Eating disorders have evolved over the years, but more awareness has also opened up our eyes to hidden types that are as problematic as anorexia and bulimia.

Today, for Eating Disorder Awareness Week, I had the pleasure of sharing my expertise on the rise of 2 eating disorders that we all should more about.

And if you or someone you know is struggling with eating disorders, do reach out for help. Contact me via my Facebook Page and I will help you to find the right resource for you.

Dina Merhbi

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