This year, I chose to have 1 mission and 1 mission only.

Help as many women who are suffering from sugar addiction and emotional eating, and ready to feel confident and empowered so that they can start living NOW and not 20lb from now.

This mission is very important to me.


I shared it all on this FB live on January 18th 2018, the first of my plan to help as many people as possible find balance and peace with food and their body.

You can watch it right here: FB LIVE

And, if my message and mission resonates with you, I would be honoured to have you schedule a clarity call with me so that we can put all the cards on the table of what is keeping you away from achieving your goals, and see what would be the best way to reconstruct your health for 2018.

Complete the following application form, and I will connect with you to schedule the best time for us to talk over Skype or the phone.

In health and happiness,


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