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Bite-sized trainings and courses to get you started!

Ease into healthy living - $27

Ready to take the first step to balance your day, build a fitness routine and increase your energy level? Then you are at the right place!

* Understand the basic foundation of a healthy meal and snack

* Simplifying your week by prepping on the weekend

* Get moving on your terms and enjoy it

* Demystify the stress response and grab THE go-to relaxation technique

* And many more topics!

If your day and week feels like an endless battle of control and exhaustion, this program is exactly what you need.

As soon as you join, you will access the complete program and follow-through at your own pace. 

Crush the cravings masterclass - $147

Are you ready to stop emotionnaly eating and conquer your binge eating? 

  • To stop letting your food choices label you as good or bad?
  • To stop turning to food when you are stressed, tired or bored?
  • To stop putting your health on hold until ‘It is it the right time’?

Then you will love my 90-min. masterclass that covers the 4 pillars to go from binge eater to normal eater this week. 

This masterclass will give you the foundation to start seeing results without dieting or restricting the foods you love.


Simplicity project - $197

Meal plans

Fitness plans


– Reboot your health included

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