What I Do

I help women, who struggle with sugar cravings, binge eating and emotional eating, achieve balanced eating and successful weight loss by building a plan that fits their lifestyle without dieting or restricting the foods they love.

My Philosophy

I love food, and I would never want anyone to stop any food they love for the rest of their life.

We have to work with your body, and not against it, and this is where TRUE and LONG-LASTING change occurs.

My Methods

I am an unconventional dietitian who helps you heal from the inside out.

You’ve tried many diets and kept gaining the weight back.

You’ve restricted, exercised, taken supplements, just to find yourself where you started.

But with me, there is no dieting, there is no restriction, there are no chalky-tasting powders.

We heal your sugar cravings, emotional eating, binge eating and weight from the inside.

We get to the root cause of your current behaviors, build tools to heal them, and stop compulsive eating and lose weight WITHOUT cutting the foods your love.

My Goals

If you want to feel control in your life, not hindered to step out and do new things.

If you want FREEDOM in your mind to not obsess about food all day long.

If you are seeking to be the person you are meant to be and not hiding behind your body.

If you are ready to feel EMPOWERED in your life, boost your SELF-ESTEEM and feel healthier in your body and mind.

Then you are at the perfect place to help achieve all that.

Healthy & Wealthy Signature Program

Our 90-day Signature Program uses the 5 pillars, of the Body Balance Method, that has helped thousands of women stop binge eating and emotional eating without dieting and rebalance their weight.

This program is for the women who are ready to truly find work-life balance without spending endless hours in the kitchen and enjoying their food without guilt and with total freedom.

Body Balance Method Framework

Ready to take that first LEAP to cut sugar cravings and compulsive eating in half WITHOUT cutting the foods your love?

The BBM framework is the first step of our life-changing program, and a great first step to see if our approach and your needs are a great fit.

12-week group program

Our 12-week program will be launched in the fall 2018. We are ensure we get all our lessons ready and available on our online members site.

Get our waitlist to get one of the limited seats when we will be opening the doors!

Only 10 people per group 🙂

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