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Incorporating personalized coaching and wellness conferences to your workplace can only but help improve the overall wellbeing and mood of all employees. This in turn will help decrease absenteeism and presenteeism, and reduce health costs related to chronic diseases.

However, the biggest reward is helping each indivual better align their daily habits to living a happy and a healthy life at home, and at work.

With practical tools and workshops that can fit your company’s current health status, let us help you build a stronger and healthier workplace.

Services offered 

  • Online wellness challenges
  • Wellness conferences
    • Nutrition and mental health: a path to optimal employee performance
    • Mindful leadership: Unlock the power of mindful leadership to elevate your company’s success and well-being
    • How to integrate a healthy and aligned wellness lifestyle
    • Mindful living
    • And several conferences can be developed as needed

 Here are some companies that trusted our services:

  • Ardene
  • GSK
  • Physimed
  • Pfizer Canada Inc.
  • National Bank
  • Brébeuf College
  • Marianopolis College
  • Genetec
  • Hope for Dementia
  • Maison Basil Moreau
  • Sedone Counseling Center
  • Argyle Institute
  • Cancer Coalition

Podcasts & Media Segments

Dina Merhbi is a Health & Wellness Coach, NLP practitioner, and a yoga & mindfulness teacher. She was also a dietitian-nutritionist for 21 years in Canada.

Over the past 22 years, Dina utilizes science-based proven strategies to coach & mentor entrepreneurs and high-performance individuals look, feel & be at their best so that they can show up more confidently and energetically in their life and business.

A recognized expert in her field, Dina has been featured on Global News, Business Insider, Huffington post and more.

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