The 3 proven secrets to break-free from overeating as a driven and professional woman

Uncover the proven method to feel more confident and healthy in your body, while letting go of the habits that are keeping you from showing up empowered in your business and from experiencing more joy in your life.

In this training, you will have clarity around:

  • Understanding the hidden mindset that is keeping you stuck in the familiar habit of turning to food when anxious, or stressed, or tired, and how to start rerouting yourself towards a healthier and more resilient mindset. 


  • Knowing how to eat for your unique body so that you are not craving food to fill up your energy and optimal health needs.


  • How to create unwavering confidence from the inside out so that the number on the scale doesn’t dictate anymore your day or your happiness, or gets you off track on your journey to food freedom and health.


I’m Dina Merhbi, Executive Health and Mindset coach.

For the past 22 years, I’ve been helping ambitious and driven women break-free from overeating so as to feel confident in their body, build a resilient mindset and create unwavering confidence in all areas of their life.

I am excited to share the 3 proven secrets that have helped me and hundreds of my clients shed the weight without every counting calories, tracking their fitness, or saying no to their favorite foods. 

Looking forward to helping you have the same breakthrough.

Dina xo 

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