Discover how career-driven women are eating their way to weight loss, all while ending their struggle with food and  creating massive levels of energy in their day!

Do you feel that your weight, stress/binge eating & low energy are holding you back in your life?

If you are finding yourself always turning to food when you are stressed or anxious, or even bored, and that it is having a negative impact on your weight (and your confidence), you are in the right place.

And here is the thing that I know about you.

  • You tried more diets than you can count, but you are still struggling with your food & your body.
  • You are feeling bloated & uncomfortable in your clothes, and this only makes you want to eat more.
  • You keep finding yourself going back to your old eating habits as a coping mechanism to deal with every day life.
  • And this only makes you put on more weight, feel even more bloated, and dreading showing up more in your business because you do not like who you see in the mirror these past months, or even years.

And, here is also what I know about you:

  • You have created a successful business, and you know that your eating habits & your weight are holding you back
  • You love your clients & you want to be able to show up confidently to support them in their life
  • You know you have it in you to stop this vicious cycle of binge eating, and you now following another diet is not the answer.
  • You don’t care about being a size 2. You just want to feel good at a happy weight where you can shop in regular stores.
  • And, you know that, right now, if you don’t take this step to taking care of YOU, your business will suffer.

The reason why I know you is because I was you. I know the shame & overwhelm you are feeling with food & your weight. I healed that chapter in my life, and I can help you do the same.

I know exactly what you are going through


Being a career-driven woman, I was trying to do it all to achieve my dream business of the laptop lifestyle.

My business took 100% of my attention.

And I neglected my personal life & my health, waiting for a freedom I was hoping to reach through my business.

But the opposite happened…

My business suffered because of it. My self-esteem suffered. And so did my relationships.

I made a decision to change, and I did.

Now, I’m actually doing more in my business by working less, feeling GREAT & ENERGIZED in my body, and loving my business & my life.

I have found the perfect fit for my perfect life without spending hours in the kitchen or working 80hrs per week.

And I can help you find the right fit for your perfect business & lifestyle.

If I can do it, you can too.

You can be that successful & confident woman with a thriving career without having to sacrifice your your health.

You can wake up everyday full of energy, excited to get dressed & show up to work magnetic & focused. 

You can eat your favorite foods without guilt & love what you see in the mirror. 

You can have the mental clarity to show up as your best self in business and in life because you are nourishing your body perfectly for your lifestyle and needs, and clients just LOVE working with you because you are finally aligned, happy and healthy.

It is time to change shift from balancing it all to upleveling it all through nutrition, fitness & mindset.

If you’re ready to feel like energized, have a great relationship with your food and your body, and unleash massive confidence so that you can show up & live the life of your dreams, then it is time to talk. 

Let’s work together so that in the next few months, you are not still in the same situation as you are today and thinking ‘I should have…’.

The successful and happy person in you is ready.

Welcome to the C.R.E.A.T.E. transformational system

The CREATE system was developped after helping over 1000 women creating lasting change that is stable & sustainable through the walks of life. This system is also a winning strategy that helped me ensure that my health was a crucial part of my business success, and enjoying fully life freely and without hiding behind my laptop.

Connect – To create transformative & lasting changes, it is important to zone in to your dream vision so that we can always keep an eye on the prize, and create habits that lead up to it.

Release – To gain traction into collapsing time & creating your dream life, we need to release baggage that is holding you back. This is the dead-weight that is keeping stuck with the past and blocking you from breaking free into you dream future life today.

Energize – Your health is your wealth! Because how can we enjoy the success you are building if we don’t feel energized, confident & healthy! We will develop your HEALTH MAP that will nourish you forward, and help you heal any physical struggles you are having.

Activate – Through our work together, we will improve, adapt & uplevel your habits so that you are always in an energetic & activated state. From hormonal fluctuations to metabolism crashers, we will stay ahead of the game to keep going healthier & happier.

Transform – We will work together in transforming your self into BEING your desired self today. From upgrading your mindset, shifting your habits, and breaking-free from emotional curve-balls, you will be transformed into the confident, powerful and fierce woman you know you are.

Embody – Embodying is about integrating & being that desired goal today. You will BE the success you crave, and it will become your new & upgraded personality.

Ready to upgrade your health?

Personalized Programs

 You are done doing things on your own and wasting time trying to figure things out on your own. 

You are done with dieting and restricting the foods you love.

You are ready work with me and find the right plan for your needs and your reality. 

You are ready to feel great in your clothes and reach a balanced weight as so to create success in your business and life. 

Then my personalized signature programs are your KEY to ending that dieting rollercoaster and love your body so as to feel great in your clothes and build a winning business.

Free challenge

Healing your relationship with food has nothing to do with food!

It is about the 5 pillars that are the winning key to simplify your life by understanding why you do what you do, and what are the proper steps to end the dieting rollercoaster and build your health plan according to YOU!

In this 5-day challenge, you will gain insight regarding mindset, nutrition, emotional triggers, environmental toxins, and maintenance success.

Join today, and gain clarity in 5 days or less.

Group Program

Our 12-week group is for the women that are seeking building a healthy life alongside a loving and supportive community.

Get on the VIP waitlist to get one of the limited seats when we will be opening the doors!

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