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Dina Merhbi, Montreal Dietitian-Nutritionist

Hi, I’m Dina Merhbi, Montreal Dietitian & Nutritionist. 

For the past 20 years, I have been helping women and men use food as nourishment and help banish the sabotaging habits blocking permanent success. 

From disordered eating to healing various health issues (such as diabetes or heart health), I can provide you with the plans and tools for success. 

I love helping my clients by taking a bird’s-eye-view of what is happening so as to provide personalized and supported sessions. 

If you are curious to know more about my training and education, all the information is right here.

Also, I have been the leading health expert helping audiences around the world take easy steps to lead healthier lives. You can view my latest media appearances right here. 

Interest in in-person sessions?

DUE TO COVID-19, all sessions must now be held online to follow our government’s guidelines

If you are interested in working together in-person with Dina Merhbi, Montreal Dietitian, the clinical office is located in the heart of Monkland Village (NDG) at Sedona Center.

  • Address: 5708 Monkland Ave, Montreal, Quebec H4A 1E6
  • Clinic hours: Tuesday 5pm till 9pm (other times are available upon request)

*Consultations disponibles en français et en anglais 

Interested in online coaching?

If you are interested in working with Dina Merhbi, Montreal Dietitian, via videoconference, this can be done too!

Very often, clients enjoy online coaching to better fit their schedule and to save time travelling. You get the same service as in-person.

In today’s society, nutrition is always making the headlines. However, with this entire information overload, how can you be certain which recommendations are based on nutritional facts? This is where a consultation with dietitians is helpful since they have the training and competency levels to view you as a human entity, and to provide personalized recommendations according to your current health and future goals.

Here is where my expertise is to support you reach your goals:

  • High cholesterol and triglyceride levels
  • Gastro-intestinal issues (IBS, Diverticulosis, Constipation, food intolerances/allergies)
  • Diabetes, hypoglycemia
  • Vegetarian/vegan lifestyle
  • Menopause
  • Vitamin and/or mineral deficiencies
  • Low energy, foggy brain
  • Eating disorders, emotional eating and/or an unhealthy relationship with food 
  • Bariatric surgery 

Dans notre société moderne, la nutrition fait toujours l’objet des manchettes des nouvelles. Avec toute cette surcharge d’information, comment peut-on savoir quelles recommandations se basent effectivement sur les faits? C’est la raison pour laquelle une consultation avec des diététistes est bénéfique, car ces professionnels possèdent la formation et les compétences pour vous aider à résoudre votre problématique en prenant compte de votre santé actuelle et de vos objectifs.

Il existe de nombreux avantages à me consulter :

  • Taux de cholestérol et de triglycérides élevés
  • Troubles gastro-intestinaux (SCI, diverticulite, constipation, intolérances/allergies alimentaires)
  • Diabète; Hypoglycémie
  • Alimentation végétarienne et végétalienne
  • Ménopause
  • Taux d’énergie faible, problème de concentration
  • Troubles alimentaires, mangeurs émotionnels et/ou relations alimentaires malsaines 
  • Support nutritionnelle pour les chirurgies bariatriques



Deep dive nutrition & health evaluation

90-min. initial deep dive session to set goals, clear clutter and set you up for success


These are crucial to help you and support you to reach your goals (by phone or Skype)

Customized health plan

Customized health plan and weekly handouts, workbooks, videos and updates

Email support

Email support between sessions

Please note the current investment for private coaching is $3000 USD for 3 months.

Monthly payment plans are also available. 

Contact me

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