Discover The Revolutionary Way To Crush your cravings & Melt your muffin top!

And get off the dieting-rollercoaster for good!

In This Workshop, You’ll Discover:

  • How to STOP thinking there are good food or bad foods, so that align your beliefs and ACHIEVE FOOD FREEDOM!
  • How to craft your revolutionary PERFORMANCE HEALTH PLAN, and make it part of your business plan, and become the unstoppable woman everyone looks up to.
  • SHRINK YOUR BELLY effortlessly with smart and straight-talking advice, so you can eat your favorite foods and rock that sexy black dress!.
  • How to STOP eating against your own body so that your body works with you by boosting it’s metabolism and  – even if you have done more diets than you can count!
  • Go from ruffled to radiant by REWIRING your self-sabotaging beliefs that are weighing you down.

PLUS, a ton of practical advice and guidance so you can go from burned out and frustrated, to being ALIGNED AND ACCOMPLISHED woman in business and your body!

Video right below!

Dina Merhbi
Body Balance Coach

I’m Dina Merhbi, Body Balance  Coach

I went from leading an unbalanced and food-addicted life and low energy, to having a clear mind, balanced meals without losing control, and never turning to food when things were tough.

I believe the way we eat should fit our lifestyle, and not the other way around (read: I don’t accept that all should fit into 1 lifestyle plan, but truly believe there is a way to finding what each person needs to truly lead a balanced health, nutritionally)

I have been featured on many TV and magazines platforms as the go-to expert over the past 17 years.

I helped over thousands of clients go from overwhelmed, overworked and overweight  … to dropping dress sizes, releasing unwanted and toxic eating habits, and unleash bursts of energy in this life so that they live a life free from physical anxiety and reach their full potential in their business.

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