Time to do better and not more!

‘Be like a postage stamp. Stick to one thing until you get there.’ Josh Billings
When I read this quote, it made me laugh but it struck a chord because it is true. I’ve seen the success behind this in my own life, but also in how I help my clients meet their health & lifestyle goals.
Here is the truth that will transform your life.
We have to go small & focused for success, not large & unfocused.
Yet, most people do the opposite, go into the hustle of doing it all in the hopes something will stick. But, this is a big mistake.
Let’s take health for example.
Whenever someone embark on wanting to lose weight & get fit. They go ALL-IN.
– Working out every day
– Meal prepping on Sunday
– Measuring their portions
– Drinking chalky tasting products that claim to melt the fat away (btw, these products don’t work, so please, avoid using them).
It’s like a sedentary person seeking to climb Mount Everest, and going there from DAY 1. We see health as an all-or-nothing program that we go all in or nothing will change.
But, what happens?
Within a few months, even first few days, more than 97.5% of people get overwhelmed, exhausted and burned. Why? Because we can’t juggle all these new activities on top of our other commitments (business, relationships, family).
Something has to give, and our new goal is put on the back burner, yet again. This, in turn, actually has a negative impact on our confidence, and makes us doubt that we will ever be able to reach the health & lifestyle goal we want.
But, there is an easy way out.
You need to start SMALL.
Let’s take climbing Mount Everest as an example. You need to start by getting into shape, climb smaller mountains and then tackle that big one! And even when you decide to climb Mount Everest, you have a whole team with you! People who have been there & that coach you all the way up (and down).
Same thing with your health.
You need to start small so as to create a routine that can be maintained without overwhelm & overexertion.
This is why going SMALL is the key in creating the momentum needed that will, in turn, create a snow ball effect of success & growth.
This is why narrowing your health goals to weekly or even monthly to ONE CORE THING is where success is.
Also, going small doesn’t mean doing small tasks. It means focusing on 1 area or activity that will create the biggest return & result from your time. Like Pareto’s principle 80/20. 20% of the work creates 80% of the success. The same goes for your health as well.
Also, when going small, we have to accept something else (to all my to-do list addicts, this is for you).
– Putting aside that to-do list of 1001 things to achieve every day.
Here is the thing: that to-do list you have might ‘feel’ good when you check items off, but it doesn’t even move the needle forward. Most keep you stuck in limbo by staying afloat.
That to-do list is taking up a lot of precious time, and TIME can never be made once it is used.
We can never make time, so we have to make THE BEST of our time.
Let’s take fitness for example. You can go walk for 1 hour, or you can jog for 20 minutes. Both will burn the same amount of calories, an average of 200 calories (more or less depending on various factors, but you get the point). So, which is the best use of your time if you are looking to improve your cardio & your metabolism, but limited in time.
The jog.
Both are great, but depending on your goals, 1 will get you there faster by using your time more on focusing on the activity that will give the best results.
You might need more motivation to push yourself to go for a jog, but if that is your goal, there are programs & coaches who can help you get there.
And remember, successful people view time as a currency. They invest in activities that give the best return on investment.
The thing they don’t do is fill up their time mindlessly.
So, what is the main takeaway from this?
it is time to stop doing it all & spreading yourself thin. It is time to do better & create extraordinary things in your life.
Be mindful of how you spend your time, this is the key to success.
Dina Merhbi

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