What is causing binge eating?

Why 2.8 million North Americans suffer from excess weight and binge eating, and why it is hurting our future if we don’t do this. *Prefer video? Available at the bottom of this page*I’ve been so concerned about our society and really dove deep to understand why north...

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The key to lose weight is not another diet

* prefer to listen in? Check out the video at the bottom of this page*If you are on the never ending dieting rollercoaster to lose weight, only leading you to stress-eat or binge eat, and gaining even more weight than you lost? This is for you!This is quite a hot...

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Eating disorder week – 2017

It feels so good to know my message and mission is creating waves around me, and I am honoured to have been invited during Eating Disorder Awareness week to take out the stigma around eating disorders and help spread the message for creating a healthy change without...

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My mission

This year, I chose to have 1 mission and 1 mission only. Help as many women who are suffering from sugar addiction and emotional eating, and ready to feel confident and empowered so that they can start living NOW and not 20lb from now. This mission is very important...

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The 5-step process that all high performing women MUST know. 


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